A day before the great holiday “Thanksgiving” I feel a strong sense of gratitude towards my life and who I have become. I had a great conversation with my siblings yesterday and we spoke for hours the three of us — after we parted ways (over the line) I had a great feeling of gratitude towards them and how they are a muse within my life —  so much joy filled my heart and I felt the real meaning of “thanksgiving.” It was an amazing feeling;   last night I slept in peace knowing that all is well in the world and I am doing just fine on the path that I have chosen for my life. I’m proud that I am able to discipline myself good enough to get things done, my mental strength allows me to do what I say I’m going to do. It’s really the universe’s way of reminding me that I am the results of my thoughts and feelings.

So, I woke up with the wonderful feeling that I AM GRATEFUL FOR THE GIFT OF MUSIC,  and I HAVE GRATITUDE TOWARDS MUSIC ITSELF — all around that fact that it moves a nation, changes perspective, allows healing, allows peace, allows joy… you can feel so much while enjoying music — you can experience so many thoughts. I realized that my days are better with music in my life in some shape or sort.  Music has never left my side it is truly the expression of ones feelings and whenever I am unbalanced I understand that I need to find the right music or sing the right song to change my mood, in order to move my thought process towards the focus of appreciating what is now in the present and to be grateful for what is to come.  .. Funny I was speaking about this to my 15 yr old brother and 25 years old sister just last night — that I put my Spotify into “beast mode” when I have to work out so I can really get into it.. and it works.. seriously… any who I wanted to shed a light on gratitude and gratefulness how they are one in the same but the two feelings are beyond comparable.

For youfamily, friends, and fans (FRANS) I am grateful for your support and encouraging words. I appreciate all that you are to me. 

WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR? WHERE DOES YOUR GRATITUDE SHOW ?Happy Holiday To All — However you celebrate, please enjoy it 🙂






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