eighteen. this is happening

Here it is 2018, last time I updated you on a deeper level was late last year.

Well, breezing in 2018 feels like my life is happening.. like I’ve always desired — come to find out that I am the only thing holding myself back and was holding myself back so many years ago. Getting in my own way. I am so happy now that I can realize my unbalanced habits and have the ability to finger point how to control them so that they don’t control me.

That’s what finding yourself and focusing on your true being does… no bullsh*t. It could be that I’m transitioning to the third decade of my life (which I’ve been so eager to be in –my prime) ; I am realizing how much wanting to be where I am now for so long has held me back from being in this position sooner.. but you know timing is everything. Maybe I wouldn’t feel as connected or who knows… I’ll never know because that was then and this is now. Now is what matters most. The fact that your reading this means more than you know — for the both of us.

It’s life, a test — a self mystery an adventure to constantly explore and grow to love more — and more.

I am so happy now that I chose my first self and it’s divine order;  knowing and doing all the things that I love with the people who love like me.

On the Music Note: I got with two beautifully talented and earthly connected Queens and formed “The Royal Bunch” — a music movement here in California.  The sweet beautiful sounds of royal music from the heart & soul- we welcome all musicians. We originated in Beverly Hills, CA last we invited indie artist(s) to share the mic in a great Royal Jam Session — This was so awesome my entire body filled with energy of excitement, gratitude and joy for being in the present moment and experiencing what I was meant to experience.

Welp… thats just a piece of the pie. I hope to share more of my thoughts with you the next time my spirit allows it to express itself is such a way.

Much love and peace as always.


Oh yes, Happy 2018 🙂

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