What Just Happened? #MM

Good Morning,

So yes per usual — neglected the blog and went to express my thoughts with my private online community instead. I wouldn’t say a lot has been going on but I can say a lot hasn’t been going on. (lol) — I low-key relocated back home to Georgia during the Quarantine but still working with the tribe in California.

So I am officially bi-coastal “yeet yeet” GA+CA — as far as you are concerned the music the music the music– I know I get it but now isn’t the best time for me to push out content like I normally would simply because this previous life experience (aka 2020) has me prioritizing a lot more and working a lot less.

It’s tough sometimes being a all rounder in arts & entertainment — you see I had to take a break in which I didn’t realize until recently. I love to self persevere and I need a solid hiatus. I love to write and collaborate on other exciting & new projects as well as progressing in my own works — therefore sometimes I tend to indulge in several projects at a time. Why I do this? — It’s simple, I get bored easily and I’m random af — yet— music will always come first. I appreciate all the love and support surrounding my journey in the lifestyle of art and entertainment.

To my fans — I hope I continue to make you proudly inspired.

Stay Blessed, All Love & No Stress.

P.S — This week I’ll attempt to blog more about lifestyle and random thoughts. Talk Soon!

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