Practice Self-Care with these 50 tips

 Self-care is defiantly “MAJOR KEY” as DJ Khalid would say — think about it this way…if you don’t take good care of yourself who will? You really don’t want to depend on others to make sure you’re taken care of. In reality no one can truly take care of you the way you deserve — you know (or you should know) yourself better than anybody else. Knowing yourself takes time and tender care — learning what works and doesn’t work for you. So, I’ve become a pinterest junkie lately and I found these awesome tips on “SELF-CARE” — 50 tips to be exact!

Try these! Seriously TRY! (Thanks to )

1. Have a mini declutter session.
2. Watch your favorite movie. For the 20th time.
3. Take a long bath.
4. Burn your favorite candle.
5. Jump on your bed. Like when you did when you were little (come on, when was the last time you did this?).
6. Turn off your phone for a few hours.
7. Meditate 
8. Have a mini pamper session.
9. Throw your favorite jammies in a dryer for a few minutes so they’re nice and warm and put them on as soon as you come home from work.
10. Go for a run or a long walk.

11. Write yourself a love letter.
12. Wear your favorite perfume.
13. Put some music on and dance away.
14. Prepare your favorite meal.
15. Go outside, lie on your back and watch the sky.
16. Write down 10 things you’re grateful for.
17. Give yourself a manicure.
18. Treat yourself with your favorite dessert.
19. Buy yourself some flowers.
20. Do something for the first time; it can be something very simple, like trying out a new restaurant for the first time, all by yourself (you can always order your food to go, if you’re too uncomfortable eating alone at the table).

21. Have an intense workout session.
22. Do something that you’ve been putting off for a while.
23. Get up early, make yourself breakfast and enjoy your morning tea in peace and quiet. No TV, no radio, no phone, no laptop.
24. Throw yourself a little party. Buy a bottle of your favorite wine, grab some takeout and read through all the magazines you’ve been hoarding. Maybe watch some mindless TV?
25. Slow down and be present. 

26. Listen to music. Just close your eyes and listen to music.
27. Create a vision board for yourself.
28. Call someone you love.
29. Read a good book.
30. Take a nap.

31. Stretch.
32. Create positive, loving affirmations for yourself.
33. Organize your closet.
34. Plan a fun weekend for yourself and your partner/friends/family. It can be something as simple as game night and pizza.
35. Binge-watch your favorite TV show on Netflix.
36. Try a new, healthy recipe.
37. Do something creative.
38. Have a cup of coffee or tea from your favorite coffee place or.

39. Write a thank you note to someone. Just because.

40. Do something you love.
41. Sleep in on the weekend.
42. Spend some time in the sun.
43. Have a little girls’ night in.
44. Kick-start your day with some positive affirmations.
45. Have a lunch date with a friend.
46. Cuddle with your pet. Or with your human 😉 .
47. Make a playlist of your favorite songs at the moment.
48. Go to a museum.
49. Write down a long list of things you love.
50. Watch a stand-up comedy show.


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