My Happiest Day?

Today was supposed to be one of the happiest days of my life — I’m turning the great 28 tomorrow and I’m leaving the USA for the first time ever. I could barely sleep last night filled with anxiousness and making sure I had all my ducks in a row before I took off.

I woke up super early and everything! Had some deadlines I had to complete before leaving so I got up about 6AM — Flight Didn’t leave until close to 11AM… I got a call from Dad.. 7:47 … “I hate to tell you this…Angie passed … my sister is gone…she passed away” … His ONLY sister… The Sweetest Auntie a girl could ask for — She left us in her sleep this morning …Still in total disbelief…

This is so hard for me right now to enjoy my trip the way I had intended simply because I wanted to come back home and share my journeys with her… We spoke yesterday and made some plans…  I was to do her hair once I return and I was going to spend the night over one last time before I moved back to ATL… Spoke about her Mother — My Grandmother Annie and how her last vacation was in Canada (where I’m going) ….I’m just so heartbroken… I haven’t felt a pain like this since my Grandmother passed (My Dads Mom…obviously hers too) … I’m just so numb right now after all the balling and crying uncontrollably … I was able to get my thoughts together .. my emotions are still off track right now….

Rest Peacefully Auntie Angie — You will forever be missed my love!!! I will travel for you! I will stay healthy for you I will continue to follow my bliss for you!! I love you so!!!  Oh My sweet sweet Angel I know you are dancing with your shoulders! No More Pain, No More Suffering, No More Drama.. You’ll never have to Hurt again!!! I will celebrate LIFE for YOU!!

P.S. Please Tell Grandma I miss her too!! XOXOXO!!

Auntie & Me

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