Look how far we’ve come! — Thank You!


I’ve got the site updated for you so you can share the website with your friends and family with new articles, music, photos, music videos and visuals as well as links on where to purchase the EP “Year XXVI” and my latest singles —  “Real Simple” & “Standing!”

Your support is greatly appreciated! 🙂 Looking over the updates I my myself …well… I’m feeling really good about the process made so far! I’m simply excited for the future. 🙂

Now, there is a debut album in the works. Just really focusing on getting the music just right… ya know..the content — making sure I am relaying my messages properly and balancing myself enough to trust the creative process. Yeah.. I know as a songwriter I (we) sometimes  overthink… but the perfect ideas come right on time… so no worries! Well I hope you’ve enjoyed our ride thus far this year we’re at the half way mark in 2016 and we’ve already done some amazing things together ..and our journey isn’t over — next we’ll be focusing on creating some music and ways to involve and evolve a little-lotta bit more #TeamJeanine ! 😉 xoxoxo.

I love you guys for checking up on me! 🙂 Let’s Do this!


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