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for the love of me

May 20, 2015 itsRis 1

My creation was unplanned by my parents but very well thought out by the most high. I will not disappoint because I will not disappoint […]

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Partying with Dad

May 18, 2015 itsRis 0

Those of you who know me know that I’ve been drafted back home to Savannah longer than expected because my fath-dred (dad) had gotten sick […]

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Weird Morning BTW

May 14, 2015 itsRis 0

Yeah so, The door bell ring and My aunt is like “Morrisa some boy is at the door for you and he doesn’t know your […]

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May 14, 2015 itsRis 2

Hey Loves! All New Website Fully Functional Website finally (lol) Got some content loaded for ya — got everything in one place. I will be […]

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Today is a Toughy

January 6, 2015 itsRis 36

Journal #1052015 For some odd reason…I had a rough time living through this day, as I’m faced with life’s obstacles I reflect on the things […]