\\ creatHERS // ATLANTA was phenomenal!

I had a blast in Atlanta, Ga this past weekend! Over the past couple of months I’ve been working behind the scenes on an unplugged concert and conversation event. I had time to create and organize this event series with an amazing peer of mine — Female Hip-Hop Artist; Tori Bleu.

Aka My HipHop Twin, My Rap Sis Bleu! 

Tori & I have worked together in the past musically — you may remember her from the rap verse on “Standing – (Remix)” but this time we wanted to create another type of collaboration —  something to move movements forward and embrace the community of all types of creators amongst us which of course is still inspired by our music.

We we’re highly impressed with how we’ve come to manifest this project to the level that it achieved. We were able to partner up with SAP/ ATLANTA  to create a night to remember! The magic that happened for us on 12.1.18 can not be duplicated and you simply HAD to be there!

Such great vibes and inspiration surrounding us to push forward. We invited other artist to feature in our concert segments, we invited panelist to engage in live discussions, we included great host(s) to keep the night rolling, great sounds from the DJ all night, and networking amongst vendors and attendees.

The night was filled with connection and support — I am grateful for those who made this experience as wonderful as we’d imagined. Please join our Facebook Group on this event series to stay updated on future events 🙂 creatHERS  (Empowerment + Entreprenuership) 

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