Year of Freedom ..

Loves! I know it takes me a while to give my blog the attention it needs but …bare with me I am getting better I promise! I wanted to share with you all who aren’t following me on any other social media these photos from late 2015.

I had this amazing shoot with my insanely smart and talented cousin Shareen Clement and an wonderful unique young wardrobe stylist Tamara Brown. I love these photos as they truly represent who I am inside and out. These we’re taken on the very first day of Winter in 2015. Funny Thing how Georgia’s weather works…  We we’re in Brunswick, Ga then on Saint Simons Island. This shoot was very awkwardly fun, but turned out amazing if I must say so myself.  I just love how I was able to embrace nature… Plus I’ve always had this weird thing with Rocks, Trees, Water, and Yoga Moves…  Check these out !

579571_1018007568258299_4828683952234413400_n 860540_1018006288258427_2283837628482515828_o 1415_1018006914925031_9056934652023473071_n 10285_1018007024925020_3947325439890503251_n 921242_1018006404925082_2800051283870151861_o 921252_1018007904924932_4413275842106244662_o 1012814_1018008094924913_6335774409346746971_n 1412412_1018008158258240_5352103786207320867_o 1606422_1018008098258246_7704832554476012522_o 1917158_1018007918258264_3742432251467632772_n 1917844_1018007964924926_5831517962947082872_n 1934439_1018008608258195_2232951248225930757_n 10338235_1018007248258331_6899639833394648315_n 10354833_1018007864924936_1913560330432075208_n 10604407_1018006258258430_6159088646246776174_o 11136280_1018008004924922_3079608432459085071_o 12322419_1018006544925068_1208052524748822944_o 12322509_1018006478258408_895610757821983332_o 12375296_1018008024924920_9194076085999513455_o 12376587_1018009011591488_5741866321155017022_n 12376812_1018007351591654_4771606449974642196_n 12391067_1018007164925006_8715417126305191200_n

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