Ohhh yeah.. I really just forgot to tell you!


I’m forever on my social media accounts forgetting about my fully equipped website of my own!

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AnyWHO, yes yes as promised I have done the Visual to the Entire EP #YearXXVI and …Although my Year 26 is coming to an end as I am turning 27 years old in only a matter of days… **cough cough JULY 8th*** (lol) we are still on to release the Short Film based on the music created from that time in my life when I had a strong awakening of self-worth…it wasn’t until I was about to turn 26 years old that I realized I’ve never released a project full of original songs and experiences  of my own… you know why? well I was never focused on me it was always “about a boy” who obviously didn’t get T W O sh*ts about ya girl!! — lol anywho I’m so over it,  it doesnt matter to go in details.. But here are just a couple of photos from the shoot itself and a teaser is coming soon!  I hope to have that to you before I turn 27 at least.. the full visual probably wont be released until August-ish because I had a minor injury while shooting a scene in the Chattahoochee River (umm MAJOR in my book) I split my damn pinky finger until the white meat I bled very badly… almost needed stitches, but thankfully someone on my team was certified in health stuff so we got it handled!! THANKS BRIANA!!! —

Oh enough, enough about the past lol here is to the future my loves!

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